last updated 6 August 1999

Malvern Grove party, May 1999

Spiralize | Malvern | Hereford | Boxhill | Leominster

Spiralize played a great gig at a party at Malvern Grove in May 1999. As always, great colour as well as good music.

Here's a closeup of John in action on the didj, giving a lovely warmth to the sound. JR
Lizzie on recorder

Liz creates the wonderful melody lines, here on recorder.

Vince is in action again at the keyboard. Vince

Eric's drumming was particularly superb on this occasion - totally absorbed in his playing.

John and Vince sustain the wall of sound.

John and Vince


There was only one word fit to describe Liz's singing that night - Tinuviel!

John in tremendous form again.

John again

Liz and Eric

The dream team!

Just totally into it - marvellous!

100% Eric

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