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This was to have been a homepage for Malvern band Spiralize, unfortunately they split up. :( I really loved their vibe, their gigs were always colourful and inspiring, and they're a great bunch of people to be around. Luckily I was privileged to photograph them at four of their gigs, so I've left the pages here as a tribute and so you can still see them as they were:

As a tribute, though, I have at last been able to include a short MP3 clip of their song Wings of Fire so you can get a flavour of their wonderfully unique sound. This will play automatically as a background sound if your configuration allows.

There is also a Spiralize profile on MySpace.

Lizzie, Eric, John, Lol, Nick, Vince and the others - thanks for everything you did, and good luck with all your future endeavours.

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Last updated 25 October 2008